Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Local Styrofoam Clean-ups

The "Advocacy" now has another location, where we can unload our barge, when a group of local homeowners/property owners want to remove the white styrofoam, floating or sitting on the shore, making their area of the lake, look bad.For the folks living on Brushy,Hog House,Rock House Yellow Creek, Upper Sipsey, have at least 4 people to work on the barge helping to pick up and unload styrofoam, give any of our directors a call, and we will arrange for someone to bring our barge, for your group to use. Our pontoon boat is 24 ft long, the barge we push is 26 ft long. Figure one load per day. Believe me that will be a lot of styrofoam.We also have the tools to use picking up the styrofoam.

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