Saturday, January 16, 2010

Advocacy Board Meeting

We had a board meeting January 12th the first meeting of 2010.We are planning to have a public meeting in April at Double Springs. There will be an election of officers and directors at the public meeting. We are having the meeting in Double Springs allowing our members living in that area, other homeowners, property owners to attend our public meeting. This will allow people to meet us, find out what our mission is and help us take care of Smith Lake.
Mary Ann reported on the current water testing. There will be a blitz bacteria testing on the lake in Winston County on February 6th.All testing equipment will be furnished by Alabama Water Watch, and reading of test results will be completed by AWW. There will be a bacteria testing class available on Friday the 5th. We need your help!!!
Judy and Mary Ann reported on how the kids at the Fawn program in October liked there program
Tom reported that the funding for installing signage on Smith Lake supposedly has been approved. Tom has a current list of all creeks, branches, total count 32. When we start installing these signs we will need some help. Give me a call if you want to help us with the installation of these signs.
We have a 2 day clean-up in April and a 3 day clean-up in June.
Mona is working on the Power Point Watershed Program. There will be more meetings this spring concerning the Rock Creek Watershed Management plans.
There have been 3 localized clean-ups, Rock Creek, White Oak and Crooked Creek. These clean-ups were completed by local homeowners using The “Advocacy boat and Barge”. They pick up only Styrofoam. We have arranged for a place on Rock Creek to unload the Styrofoam, the county hauls it off. We are in the process of finding other places on the lake where we can unload Styrofoam and the county will haul it off. Hopefully when another unloading place is found, there will be homeowners that want to clean up there part of the lake. The “Advocacy boat and Barge is usually available”, it belongs to the Advocacy membership!!
There were many other items discussed. The next board meeting is Feb.9th, 10:00 AM in Arley. The meeting is open to the public.

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