Thursday, February 17, 2011

Allison Cochran Interviewed on WAFF about Feral Hogs in the Bankhead National Forest

Allison Cochran, Wildlife Biologist on the Bankhead National Forest, was recently interviewed on WAFF TV in Huntsville about feral hogs in the Bankhead National Forest.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Board Meeting Feb. 8th @ 10:00 AM Arley

February 8th board meeting 10:00 AM Traders and Farmers Bank, Arley
Minutes and treasures report
Water testing Mary Ann
Progress for April 30th slough clean-up Laverne 5 sites, fliers, tying them on each boat house, balloons, maintain each location how do we take “ land helpers “ to sloughs? discussion
Acquiring bags from Alabama Power, how many? comments
Date for public meeting at Lakeshore, Friday May 13th Discussion
Remove winch from our boat Bert
One more Styrofoam clean-up on Rock creek in March or April may need some help on our boat. Can anyone help if we need 1or2 people?
Progress of Rock Creek watershed management grant. LaVerne
Letter from Alabama Pals
Alabama river Alliance 13th conference at Camp McDowell March 11-13th
Other new or old business.
Visitors :
Bobby Everett our new County commissioner
Donny Cagle
Alabama Marine Officer

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Alabama Power Company and Bankhead National Forest Install Fish Structures at Clear Creek

Annually, Alabama Power Company and Bankhead National Forest staff place sunken fish structures in sloughs and along banks at one of the Forest Service's three Recreation Areas along Smith Lake. Bundled Christmas trees or bamboo structures are put in Smith Lake to improve fish habitat and fishing opportunities.

On January 31, Alabama Power and Bankhead employees placed about 60 structures in the lake at the Clear Creek Recreation Area. When fishing in the area look for "fish habitat" signs along the bank, which designate areas where structures have been placed. Or, you may visit and find GPS locations of fish habitat structures.