Friday, December 30, 2011


April: Slough clean-up from Duncan Bridge /Rock Creek cancelled week-end of tornadoes. No power/Gas.
May: Our public meeting was at Lakeshore Marina and Inn. Alabama Water Watch gave a program, then election of Officers and Directors, one new director, Gloria Drinkard, replacing Larry, who requested replacement.
May: Contacted Corp of Engineers about large slide-in on Rock Creek.
June: Clean-up Duncan Bridge North and we used Bankhead’s Houston Recreational area for the take out of debris plus our picnic Saturday afternoon.
July: I met Casey Ehorn, project mgr. for Corp of Eng. and Pamela McDaniels, P.E for Al. Power , in Arley. Then we inspected the large slide-in on Rock Creek. Corp of Engineers can not help us.
SEPT: 2nd clean-up Duncan Bridge north and we Used Old Yellow Creek Marina site. All loose Styrofoam found north of Duncan Bridge removed.
Sept: Distributed approx. 1400 of Al. Power coloring books, a coloring book for every student from K thru 3rd grade in Winston County Schools.
OCT: class on importance of watersheds and water testing at the fawn program. This was for all 6th grade students in Winston County Schools.
Oct: Gave Civitians $500.00 to assist in Placement of Historical Sign in front of Meek Elementary School.
NOV: 2nd bacteria blitz on the lake. !st bacteria blitz was in April. There were a few test sites with above average bacteria count. 50 plus sites tested each time.
NOV: Signage on all named creeks/sloughs on a lake map of Smith Lake, in Winston County, will have a sign at it’s mouth with it’s name for boaters to see.
DEC: Rock Creek Watershed Management Plan meeting. The grant money allotted for this plan has already been allocated to interested property owners
Living in the Rock Creek Watershed who intend to improve a problem on their property, which will improve the waters of Rock Creek Watershed and Smith Lake.
There were 3 private clean-ups from the head waters of Rock and Crooked Creeks to Duncan Bridge and 1 clean-up on Brushy and Yellow Creeks.
Advocacy had a busy year with 15 sites tested every month, plus everything else we have accomplished this year, there is still much more to do,
but doesn’t the lake just look great.
Board meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 10:00 AM in Arley at the Traders and Farmers Bank.Public is always welcome, come tell us what is happening on your little bit of paradise, on Smith Lake.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rock Creek Watershed Project Meeting on December 6th

Please join the Rock Creek Stakeholder Group for the upcoming Rock Creek Watershed Management Project meeting on Tuesday, December 6th at 6pm in Addison, Alabama at the Community Center. We will be discussing recent project activities and will also plan activities for 2012.

For more information please contact Mona S. Dominguez by email or call (334) 844-9323.