Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Advocacy Board Meeting

Tuesday Oct.5th at 10:00 A.M., there will be a board meeting at the Traders and Farmers Bank in Arley.There are many items to discuss, October bacteria blitz,installing signage on the lake, fawn program,purchasing new equipment to show watershed power point program to schools,change of equipment on the Advocacy boat,additional information to give the schools when we deliver the coloring books,John Ledbetter will explain some new changes on the lake, Oct. clean-up on Rock Creek. Will we have a slough clean-up this year, depends upon how many people come forward to offer to help with a clean-up.We can supply the bags.Maybe you want to just clean-up your own slough, do you need bags, call us, let us know where you are going to clean-up.Do you have something that you would like to see done on the lake, come tell us about your idea. Board meetings open to the public, hope to see you on the 5th.

Monday, September 20, 2010

September 14th clean-up

Tuesday the 14th we used the Old Yellow Creek Marina,for our clean-up location. We had our boat-barge there and Al.Power brought one of their boats. Donny Cagle (works for Al. Power) had been observing where there was still white styrofoam to be picked up.Al. power boat went south from the marina and Donny Cagle told them where there was styrofoam to be picked up. The Advocacy went north with their boat-barge with Dennis Quinn riding his wave runner, going in every cove/slough checking for styrofoam.We went as far north as there were homes, turned back south after coming to Bankhead Forests property. We went up the east bank of Sipsy and came down the west bank of Sipsy.There were 3 pieces of styrofoam we could not get, to much mud.We left at 8:30 arrived back at the Marina about 3:30.We had a good load of styrofoam,3 or 4 tires and some other debris. Al.Power boat had 1 full load and a half of another load. They had already gone home.We consider the lake clean of white styrofoam from Duncan bridge north. Sometime in October hopefully we can have a 1 day clean-up on Rock Creek, then the lake in Winston County will be pretty much clean of the white styrofoam floating on the lake. Thanks to Carl Godsey for letting us use Yellow Creek Marina and The help from "our county Commissioners",the clean-up was very successful. TO FINISH CLEANING UP THE LAKE IN WINSTON COUNTY WE NEED A SLOUGH CLEAN-UP.THIS TAKES A LOT OF PEOPLE AND BOATS.SUGGESTIONS!! WE WILL FURNISH THE BAGS AND ARRANGE FOR DUMPSTERS. CALL US WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU TAKE CARE OF THIS BEAUTIFUL LAKE.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

WCSLAI Supports the FAWN Program

LaVerne Matheson, President of WCSLAI, presents the
Council with a $1,000 check to support the FAWN
program for Winston County sixth graders.
Special thanks to Winston County Smith Lake Advocacy Inc. for supporting the FAWN (Forestry Awareness Week Now) program. This program is conducted by the Winston County Natural Resources Council and it provides an outdoor field day for Winston County sixth graders at the Houston Recreation Area. Eight learning stations will focus on a wide range of topics related to natural resources. Learning stations directly related to Smith Lake include Water Quality, Water Safety, and Forest Soils. Many WCSLAI members have assisted with the past FAWN programs including LaVerne Matheson, Tom Grubbs, Allison Cochran, Judy Lambert, Mary Ann Crunk, and Melissa Yates.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

board meeting sept 7th

We had a very good board meeting.Mary Ann had some questions about the last bacteria blitz done on the lake. Suggested she call AWW for answers,she has,has recieved answers to part of her Questions.Tom is working on ways to put up the signs, if you live on one of the named sloughs on the lake map,in Winston County, please call us, we need your help in maintaining and care of these signs after there erected in your slough.
)n Sept. 14th and 15th we are having another clean-up, hopefully remove all existing white styrofoam still floating on the lake from Duncan Bridge north.We will be using the old yellow creek marina.Go to Houston,turn on Co.Rd. 61 go to the end of the road, you will find us working there.
Beasley Poker Run presented us with another monatary gift. Al. Power also presented us with a monatary gift.We thank both parties for their generous gift and will use these monies for the benifit of Smith Lake. We also voted to give Winston County Natural resources council a 1,000.00 to assist with having the Fawn Program this fall for all 6th graders,(400 +) in Winston County Schools. This is a great program, if you are not familiar with it ,check it out!!!
Linda has the coloring books from Al.Power(bottle in the Water). These are great coloring books teaching kids how to take care of water in rivers and lakes.We will be giving a coloring book to all elementary schools for there kids from kindergarden through 3rd grade.Approximately 1400 coloring books!!
The Grant money for the Rock Creek water Management plan still has not been approved,expect approval momentarily.