Monday, September 20, 2010

September 14th clean-up

Tuesday the 14th we used the Old Yellow Creek Marina,for our clean-up location. We had our boat-barge there and Al.Power brought one of their boats. Donny Cagle (works for Al. Power) had been observing where there was still white styrofoam to be picked up.Al. power boat went south from the marina and Donny Cagle told them where there was styrofoam to be picked up. The Advocacy went north with their boat-barge with Dennis Quinn riding his wave runner, going in every cove/slough checking for styrofoam.We went as far north as there were homes, turned back south after coming to Bankhead Forests property. We went up the east bank of Sipsy and came down the west bank of Sipsy.There were 3 pieces of styrofoam we could not get, to much mud.We left at 8:30 arrived back at the Marina about 3:30.We had a good load of styrofoam,3 or 4 tires and some other debris. Al.Power boat had 1 full load and a half of another load. They had already gone home.We consider the lake clean of white styrofoam from Duncan bridge north. Sometime in October hopefully we can have a 1 day clean-up on Rock Creek, then the lake in Winston County will be pretty much clean of the white styrofoam floating on the lake. Thanks to Carl Godsey for letting us use Yellow Creek Marina and The help from "our county Commissioners",the clean-up was very successful. TO FINISH CLEANING UP THE LAKE IN WINSTON COUNTY WE NEED A SLOUGH CLEAN-UP.THIS TAKES A LOT OF PEOPLE AND BOATS.SUGGESTIONS!! WE WILL FURNISH THE BAGS AND ARRANGE FOR DUMPSTERS. CALL US WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU TAKE CARE OF THIS BEAUTIFUL LAKE.

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