Monday, November 2, 2015

Water Testing Workshops to Be Held in January near Curry

Water Watch volunteer prepares bacteriological sample.
Water testing workshops will be offered on January 15-16, 2016, near Curry, at the Smith Lake Civic Association Building.  The Friday, January 15, training will be for Water Chemistry Training, and the Saturday, January 16, training will focus on Bacteriological Water Testing.  You can register online by clicking on the link below.

These training classes will be taught by Alabama Water Watch.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Minutes of Annual Meeting 4.24.15

Winston County Smith Lake Advocacy, Inc.
Minutes of the Annual Public Meeting
April 24, 2015   7:00 pm
Traders & Farmers Bank, Arley, Alabama

The meeting was called to order by Judy Lambert.  Jim Eason led the Pledge of Allegiance and Judy Lambert gave the Invocation.  Those in attendance are listed following these minutes. 

The special guests in attendance were as follows and were introduced:
        Tim Wadsworth, Delegate of Winston County
        Ed Poolos, ADEM
        Steve Fletcher, Alabama Power Shoreline Management
        Melinda Weaver, Ala. Power Business Office Manager, Haleyville
        John Kulbitskas, Smith Lake Civic Association

Ray Durham began the election of officers by introducing each candidate and asked for nominations from the floor. With no nominations from the floor, he asked for a hand vote for each candidate.  The following officers and directors were elected unanimously:
        Jim Eason, President
        Kenny Kilpatrick, Vice President
        Lu Cruce, Secretary
        Judy Lambert, Treasurer
Directors:  LaVerne Matheson, David Brown, Sammy Boggan, Paul Gillette, Dex Young, Ray Durham, and Lee McKibben.

Jim Eason took the floor and announced that LaVerne Matheson and David Brown were both absent due to health issues.  He asked that we pray for LaVerne to respond to his treatment and David to recover from surgery.  He then introduced Allison Cochran of the  Bankhead National Forest who did an overview of the Forest Recreational Activities opportunities.  After a very informative presentation Allison took questions from the floor.

Ray Durham reviewed the 2014 clean-ups and spoke of the need for more help for our June 17thand 18th [cleanups] with the Forestry Service.  Ray also spoke of the Water Watch program and asked for volunteers to see him at the end of the meeting to sign up for training.

Jim explained and help up the [anti-litter] signs that will be put up in many areas and on bridges this summer.  He explained how important it is to have a garbage can or bag aboard your vessel or be fined for not having it.

He told the people to get their neighbors involved and showed them our Membership Application and the information about our group.  Door prizes were drawn and refreshments followed.  With the Board meeting for May to be determined on the availability of the room, the meeting was adjourned.

Judy Lambert

[Approved May 5, 2015, with addition of names of elected Directors.  Retyped by Lu Cruce May 12, 2015 to add names.]