Sunday, January 17, 2010


The morning of January 6th I was putting feed in one of our bird feeders and I looked toward our Boat house and there were 2 bald eagles , not over 150 feet from me, gliding/flying not over 20 feet above our boat house. What beautiful birds with their white heads and tails. My neighbor David saw one of these eagles the day before. That eagle landed in a tree overlooking the lake. He grabbed his camera and was able to get pictures of that eagle.
I was talking with my friend Warren who lives on White Oak and was telling him about the 2 eagles. Then Warren said” Laverne remember when I told you about seeing otter almost every day when I was fishing, their gone”. He went on to tell me that about a year ago there were some limb-liners fishing in that area. The otter were stealing fish off of their lines, they were cussing these otter for stealing fish. The otter are now gone, we’ll never know where they went.
We are living in paradise, where else can look out of your windows and see and enjoy so much of nature. This lake is such a treasure, for both you and I, but lets share it with natures friends and enjoy the beauty and amusement they give us each year.
These eagles were near the north end of Bailey Bridge on Rock Creek.

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