Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rock creek Watershed Management Plan

There were several meetings in 2010 discussing a Rock Creek watershed management plan. There was a plan that was finally agreed upon by the local property owners and the Alabama Water Watch team who will be the ones acquiring a grant and then following up with a manager/overseer along with assistance from both the Winston County and Cullman County Extension Offices and The District Soil and Water Offices. The Rock Creek Water Shed includes White Oak and Crooked Creeks, 200 # sq. miles of Water Shed.. The grant was written and submitted in June to ADEM, it was reviewed by ADEM sent back to AWW., with questions, asking for more detailed answers, this was completed, resubmitted in August. There was a verbal approval in november , we are expecting the written approval as to total amount of the grant in January. This watershed plan is for 3 years and it could take 5 years. Rock Creek and Crooked Creek both have a 303D listed at EPA, this means there is some type of contamination on each creek. This we want removed plus when the watershed plan has been completed the water entering the lake from the 3 creeks should be clear, clean and pristine. We not only must have cooperation from farmers, cattlemen, poultry producers, forestry managers/owners but also home owners on the lake. One homeowner has the capabilities of contaminating the lake worse than someone who owns several hundred acres in the watershed. We have a lot of educating to do, but with cooperation from everyone involved in this watershed plan, we can have a pristine lake to enjoy by many for decades in the future.

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