Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just a little news:
During Thanksgiving week Cordy asked me about cutting and removing Some 15 to 20 small pine trees on the slope of our yard going down to the lake. I went and looked and sure enough all the trees from the water to the lower deck in an area about 30 feet wide were gone. Nothing left but a few pine seedlings. Who removed them BEAVERS, where did they take these 4 to 6 foot pine trees we don’t know. I talked with my neighbor David and he has been seeing beaver at dusk come close to his boat house when he is fishing. I was talking with Paul, he lives on Crooked Creek and the beavers cut about 20 trees down and removed them from their property plus climbing on the pontoons of their boat and sometimes making a mess. I assume some of you are having the same problems. What can we do to help alleviate this problem? There is open season on beaver in Al., you can shoot them, trap them or hire someone to remove/reduce the size of the beaver family. David was keeping crappe in his fish basket, until he had several to clean, but the otter cut a hole in the basket, took his fish. I was with Judy and Warren last week they live on White Oak, they were telling me about a Bobcat being in their yard just squalling away. Warren turned on the outdoor lights, went outside and scared the bobcat off. Most all of us hear coyotes at night. We are so lucky to be living in area where we have both a beautiful lake to enjoy as well as nature with all of it’s magnificent surprises and yes, problems to. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

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