Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Watershed progress

Mona Scruggs a graduate student at Auburn is going to assist us in completing a watershed power point program that we will be showing to high school students who are in science,biology or FFA classes. This power point program will explain to these students the importance of taking care of the watershed by showing pictures of improper use and care of the watershed but also a better or correct way to manage property in the watershed. The pictures for this power point program will all be taken in Winston County. We want all associations,civic clubs etc. to know that we will be delighted to show this program to your group. This program will be completed this year.
We are trying to make everyone aware that if we do not take care of the watershed, that supplies all the water for Smith Lake, that Smith Lake will become polluted in future years
There is currently an application for a small grant being prepared and sent to EPA and Adem. This grant will allow us to complete the Power Point program and also study the watershed for Rock Creek only.
Rock Creek was put on the 303D list in 1996 which means it has some pollution. When the study of Rock Creek is completed, should we decide to go fotward, there would be public meetings, a very detailed plan of how we would correct the problems that have or are contributing to the pollution problems on Rock Creek, and then a large grant would be applied for.
I have been assured that this will be a local project and there will be no new regulations of any kind applied to any property existing in this watershed, from acquiring a government grant.
Should you have any quetions about these plans please call me 256 -747- 4422 or Mike Henshaw your county extension agent 205-489-5376

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