Monday, July 13, 2009

Advocacy News

We had a board meeting on July 8th at 10 A.M. at Traders and Farmers Bank in Arley.
Some of the Items discussed:
The June Clean-up on Clear Creek , removed 11 truck loads of styrofoam plus a dumpster of trash.
There are 18 test sites on the lake in Winston Co. currently, 16 active sites are being tested every month.
We will have Al. Powers coloring books"1500" ready for all students, kindergarden through 3rd grade in Winston Co. this summer.
We will have 2 directors explaining why and how we test water, at the Fawn program in October.
Saturday October 24th we are going to have a 1 day clean-up of all sloughs in Smith Lake in Winston County
We now have a Graduate student from Auburn who will assist us developing a watershed power point program for us to present at High Schools and other local organization. We are also considering a watershed program for the Rock Creek Watershed.
We have a committee studing putting signage up on Smith Lake in Winston County at the mouth of all tributatries,helping visiting boaters and local boaters to know where they are on the lake.
These are a few of the projects that "The Advocacy" is currently working on. Do you want to see Smith Lake continue to be clean and beautiful. Join "The Advocacy" and help us keep Smith Lake as it is now, forever!!!!

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