Friday, October 19, 2012

October 5th & 6th cleanup

4 attachments — Download all attachments View all images IMG_0710.JPG 1482K View Download DSCN0452.JPG 3064K View Download DSCN0442.JPG 3519K View Download DSCN0446.JPG 3513K View Download LaVerne Matheson Lake Clean Up Inbox x David Brown 9:48 AM (23 hours ago) to Aaron, Adam, Pat, Maike, Allan, Allison, Ann, Ann, George, Arley, Linda, Austin, Barbara, Larry, James, Mickey, Barry, Bart, Joe, Terry, Vesta, Beth, Beth, Bill, Bill Dear: WCSLAINC Members, Stakeholders and Sponsors Just a quick note on our lake cleanup held October 5th and 6th. The cleanup was, in my opinion a great success. We had 33 volunteers participate and were able to cover Rock Creek from Sway Back Bridge south all the way to Rock Creek Marina. Additionally White Oak, Little Crooked and most of Crooked Creek was cleaned. We removed some beaded styrofoam and several hundred bags of debris such as glass and plastic bottles, tires, deflated towables, etc. We would like to thank the following people, company's and groups for assisting us in this endeavor; Tarrie and Jeff Hyche owners of Hyche LLC for providing two large dumpsters, The Winston County Sheriff Department and Sheriff Rick Harris for providing six work release inmates on Sat. Oct. 6th. Jim King of King Boat Docks for providing his property for a dumpster location and central meeting place. Alabama Power for providing bags, grabbers and especially Donnie Cagle for coordinating with Winston County Sheriffs Department. Jim Eason for providing a large trailer used on Crooked Creek. Also thank you to Cullman Electric Co-op, Werners Trading Company, Vann's Sporting Goods and Rock Creek Marina for cash and gift cards. Thanks also to the Northwest Alabamian Newspaper for sending a reporter and writing a great feature on us. When you are on Smith Lake and marvel at its beauty and pristine quality be aware that it does not self cleanse, every plastic bottle, styrofoam cooler, glass bottle etc. that makes it way into the lake will be there for decades to come if not for the selfless volunteers that take time out from their busy lives to help. To all the volunteers -- Once Again Thank You. David Brown President WCSLAINC LaVerne LaVerne Matheson

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