Friday, July 8, 2011


Smith Lake is looking so great,very little white beaded foam any where on the lake.Thanks to the multitude of people who have helped us for so many years at our scheduled cleanups on the lake with Al. Power. Doug Powell has always been here with Al. Power boats for all of the scheduled cleanups.Doug brings t-shirts, bags to put litter in,furnishes about 1500 coloring books for us to distribute to all the kids from kindergarden through 3rd grade in school in Winston County.We've been doing this for 4 years.Since 2006 the Winston County Commissioners have disposed of 172 triple axle dump truck loads of white beaded foam from our clean-ups.THANK YOU COMMISSIONERS There has been over 150 boat houses/swim platforms removed from smith lake.Jim King allowed us to tie these structures up at his place of business (KING BOAT HOUSE BUILDERS) then he would have them removed,styrofoam removed, then balance of strucure burned up.Thank you Jim!!
There have been tons of debris removed,put in dumpsters supplied by TARRIE HYCHE at all of our scheduled clean-ups. Thank you Tarrie!!Bankhead Forest have let us use all 3 of their recreational areas for different clean-ups.Thank you Bankhead Forest!! CARL GODSEY let us use the Old Yellow Creek Marina several times for clean-ups. Thank you Carl!!Without the help of these people, Smith Lake in Winston County would still have all of this debris still floating on the lake.FUTURE CLEAN-UPS ON SMITH LAKE in WINSTON COUNTY will be completed by WCSLAI furnishing our boat/barge, with a captain, and tools. Labor, people picking up debris etc.will come from the area being cleaned up.They must load and unload the boat/barge.We are ready to help you, the owners of homes and property on Smith Lake, to keep this lake clean, clear and pristine.These clean-ups must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance with 4/5 people ready to work for a day.This is a great place to live,visit,play fish or just go boating.I think I moved to paradise,hopefully everyone will help take care of thIS BEAUTIFUL LAKE from now on!!!

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