Monday, August 16, 2010

board meeting

september 7th @ 10:00 AM @ Traders and Farmers Bank, Arley

We will be discussing many subjects/projects. The immediate
project is the 3 day lake clean-up, September 14th,15th, 16th.
We will be discussing location for this clean-up.The clean-up
will be at kings Boat Docks, on Rock Creek 1 day, the other 2 day
location will be decided, by where the greatest amount of styrofoam
to pick up, is presently located. With Al. Powers Boat assisting
we are planning to remove all white styrofoam, floating or laying
on the shoreline, on Smith Lake, in Winston County.Once again we
will not be accepting any boathouses or platforms. We need your
help or you and your boat.Check this blog on September 8th for more
info about the 2 day location.
Our meetings are open to the public. Help us take care of the lake!!

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