Monday, May 3, 2010

2 day clean-up

How did 33 adult and 4 youngster volunteers bring in 8.4 tons of Styrofoam and trash? Just take a look at some of the enclosed pictures and you'll understand!! Many of the volunteers came for both days and gave blood (yes, some cuts and bruises), sweat (even though the weather was perfect), and hopefully, only internal tears (because we hate to see our beautiful lake trashed by uncaring people).

That's 8.4 more tons of trash removed from Smith Lake in Winston County, thanks to the Renew Our Rivers initiative and a partnership with Winston County Smith Lake Advocacy, Inc.

TONS of thanks to our hard-working volunteers, and to our incredible friends, Jim and Shirley King and Sammy Boggan, who provided the site and the two forklifts, with Jim and Sammy doing the driving. Tarrie Hyche the dumpsters. You're all the greatest!!

Linda Atkinson, on behalf of
Winston County Smith Lake Advocacy, Inc.

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