Monday, October 26, 2009

Advocacy update

We had a board meeting Oct. 6th the following was discussed
1-Hopefully the monies for purchasing and putting signs on all tributaries on Smith Lake in Winston County will be approved soon.
2- We will be particapting in the Fawn program Oct. 15th&16th
3-Mona Scruggs told us that the grant for studing the Rock Creek watershed has been approved. Mona hopes to have a power point watershed program complete before 2010.
4-The 2010 cleanup dates have been approved by Doug Powell Al. renew our rivers program.
5-Discussed slough clean-up on the 24th.
6- discussed burning abandoned platforms laying on shorelines around the lake. John Lebetter will have one of there people go with us, to approve abandoned platforms.
7- water tested looks good.
8- xmas party for the board in December.
Next Board Meeting January 2010

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