Sunday, September 13, 2009

Advocacy Board Meeting Sept. 9th

we had a very productive meeting and today I will comment only on a few Items discussed and voted on.
1- Alabama Water Watch would like to have more e-coli testing on Smith Lake.
2-Advocacy will particapate at Fawn this year, explaining how and why water is tested on Smith Lake. Last year there were approximately, 300, 5th grade students, during 2 days of workshops.
3-We are planning to put up signs on all the different tributaries on Smith Lake in Winston County. This will allow you to tell a friend where you live and he can come to your house. This will allow strangers to boat on Smith Lake, know where they are on the lake and not get lost.
4-There will be a slough cleanup in Winston County on Saturday October 24th. Alabama power is furnishing all bags for this cleanup. There will be dumpsters at several locations "undecided yet". There will be a notice later telling where the dumsters will be and where to pick up the bags. Boy Scouts can recieve badges for helping with Smith Lake Cleanups. We need your boat, if you don't have a boat, we still need your help. For more information 256-747-4422

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