Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Clean Water Act

The government is currently planning/discussing making a major change to this ACT. This change has already been passed forward from the "committee" and is now in the hands of congress. This major change is to designate the Corp Of Engineers and E.P.A. to oversee the waters in all the watersheds in the United States. This I think would be a disaster!!! Currently the Corp Of Engineers oversee all navigable waters in the United States. They currently do not have money enough to maintain/dredge the waterways they are now responsible for. E.P.A. is also short of money and manpower, way behind on issuing permits, which can be extremely expensive.We need both the EPA and the Corp of Engineers to continue there present responsibilities but we do not need more government regulations and control of our everyday life and land. Should anyone want me to explain how this would be a disaster I will be happy to do so._________________
Should you not want this change to the Clean Water Act call your Senators and Congressman and tell them I do not want the Corp Of Engineers and EPA overseeing all watersheds in the U.S. Leave it like it was.
President of Winston County Smith Lake Advocacy Inc.
Member of Bankhead National Forest liaison panel
Member of Winston County Natural Resource Council.

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