Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rock Creek Clean-ups

The "Advocacy" decided to designate 5 separate areas this year on Rock Creek and it's tributaries. There is no scheduled clean-up for Rock Creek this year, but when homeowners/property owners have 6/8 people who will work for 1 day, during the week, we will bring our boat, 50 feet long, with life jackets and tools and assist them in picking up the styrofoam in their area. They will have to load and unload the white styrofoam.

1-Crooked Creek and White Oak
2-Rock Creek from triple creek marina to "head" of Rock Creek
3-Bailey Bridge south including Little Crooked Creek
4-Rock creek from Little Crooked Creek to the Sipsey including Bear Branch
5- From the Sipsey to Duncan Bridge including Dismal and Little Dismal.
For information Call LaVerne Matheson 256-747-4422

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